About Dr. Sollazzo

Dr. Sollazzo MD

Richard Sollazzo, M.D. DABIM, CNS, DAAM, FAAIM

Dr. Sollazzo has been a dedicated medical doctor practicing on Long Island and in Manhattan for over 30 years. His personal mission against cancer sparked early in his teens after losing his grandfather to the disease. Since then he has devoted his life to learning and is board certified in oncology, hematology, internal, integrative/alternative, anti-aging, geriatric, sports, emergency, and holistic medicine, as well as clinical nutrition and Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). It is this wealth of knowledge and the belief that you never graduate from the “university of learning” which allows Dr. Sollazzo a fresh and unique perspective on how to treat not just the symptoms of an illness- but the cause. Dr. Sollazzo’s skill in combining traditional and alternative medicine allows him to attack cancer and other illness from every angle possible, while keeping a large emphasis on quality of life at all times. He holds that it is key to incorporate aspects of both in order to find a balance. The doctor practices rational oncology, which recognizes that there isn’t one cancer, thus there is more than one answer. Dr. Sollazzo uses this idea as the basis of his patients’ custom treatment regimens.

Education and Training:  

1978 – Doctor of Chiropractic,  New York chiropractic College (Dean’s list)

1984 – Medical Doctor – American University School of Medicine

Internship and Residency:

1984-1987 New York medical College (Awarded most valuable resident)

1987 -1988 Fellowship in Hematology and Oncology – Nassau County Medical Ctr., Eastmeadow, NY.

1988-1990 Fellowship and Hematology and Oncology – North Shore University Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, Manhasset New York.

Board Certifications:

1988 Board Certified internal medicine

1989 Board Certified Oncology (Cancer)

1994 Board  Certified Emergency Medicine

1996 Board Certified Hematology  (blood disorders such as leukemias, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease)

1996 Board Certified Geriatrics

1999 Board Certified Sports Medicine

2000 Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

2001 Board Certified Antiaging Medicine

2002 Board Certified Holistic Medicine

2003 Board Certified in Integrative/Complementary