Cancer Treatment Program

Dr. Sollazzo creates a different 360 plan for every patient he treats based on four concepts:Life Strong Friends Ribbons

Testing: Dr. Sollazzo works with cutting-edge labs to conduct comprehensive patient testing. These labs include CARIS, which conducts tumor profiling tests. In order to do so, CARIS utilizes IHC, FISH/CISH, Next-Generation Sequencing and PCR tumor profiling technologies in order to observe every biomarker of a specific patient’s tumor. This yields a patient specific Molecular Intelligence Profile, allowing Dr. Sollazzo to create a personalized treatment regimen. Dr. Sollazzo has also worked with sought after labs in Greece, Germany, and California, and is always willing to investigate other testing services at a patient’s request. Required materials for testing (such as tissue) are collected in our offices for the convenience of our patients.

Supplementation: Natural supplements are incorporated into patients’ regimens to explore all avenues of treatment, while maintaining patients’ healthy cells.

Lifestyle: Many patients being treated for cancer focus on the symptoms of their cancer without taking into account their healthy cells. However, it is the whole body that fights disease. Studies show that maintaining a relatively active lifestyle is both good for a person’s overall health, and can aid in the body in fighting against cancer. Please refer to this link for a medical article describing the correlation between exercise and cancer treatment:

A patient’s diet is equally important in treatment as certain foods have been shown to fuel cancer. The doctor considers patients’ lifestyles in conjunction with administering treatment.

Treatment: Our office combines traditional and complementary medicine with Insulin Potentiation Therapy to offer patients customized treatment options.

Overall the doctor’s approach illustrates that more options means more possibilities, which an integrative approach cultivates.