Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a chemical process in which a synthetic solution-EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)-is injected into theSchutzimpfung bei Schneeregen bloodstream to remove heavy metals and/or minerals from the body. Chelation means “to grab” or “to bind.” When EDTA is injected into the veins, it “grabs” heavy metals and minerals such as lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium and removes them from the body

Chelation therapy is widely used for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions using EDTA to remove calcium and other ions of external layers of plaque lining the artery walls thus improving the blood flow, preventing artery spasm, minimizing symptoms of cardiovascular disease like angina pain etc. This, however, is considered an “off-label” use for EDTA. The research indicates that EDTA chelation arrests free radical proliferation, improving the body’s healing ability.

Heavy metal toxicity is affecting our health more than ever and our defense mechanisms are severely compromised by the metals effects in our body. Diseases of many different organs and systems can be linked to heavy metal toxicity including autism, fibromyalgia, Parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and Alzheimer’s Disease. Because of the heavy metals’ action on autonomic nervous and immune systems they contribute to diseases of the GI system, cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, skin disorders, autoimmune diseases, and many more.

The success of chelation therapy depends on the proper selection of a chelator, its route of administration, the correct dosage and frequency of treatment, as well as supportive therapies for the organs of elimination, lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as the immune and autonomic nervous system.